About Us

About Us - Adventures In Zen Books:

Welcome to Adventures In Zen Books, a treasure trove of imaginative and inclusive children's literature that embraces diversity, educates young minds, and fosters empathy. Founded by author Shakeema Funchess, our mission is to create enchanting stories that resonate with children from all walks of life while imparting valuable life lessons.

Author Shakeema Funchess:
Shakeema Funchess, a visionary storyteller and advocate for inclusivity, believes in the power of literature to shape young minds. With a passion for celebrating diversity and promoting understanding, Shakeema's creations are a reflection of her commitment to making the world a better place through the magic of storytelling.

Our Collection:
At Adventures In Zen Books, we take pride in our diverse collection of heartwarming and thought-provoking titles that entertain and enlighten young readers. Our books celebrate various cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, offering a window into the richness of the human tapestry.

Some of our captivating titles include:

The ABCs of Hip Hop: Groove to the rhythm of learning with this exciting exploration of the world of hip hop.

The ABCs of Black History: Embark on an educational journey through the remarkable achievements of Black history.

Journey Through Black History: Travel through the month of February and discover the extraordinary achievements of Black individuals who shaped history.

The Adventure of Sanjay & Semaj: Join Sanjay and Semaj on their captivating adventures that teach the values of friendship, conversation and teamwork.

Double Rainbow: Sanjay Has Two Moms: A heartwarming tale that celebrates love and diversity in family structures.

The ABCs of Juneteenth: Learn about the significance of Juneteenth in this engaging and informative book.

Parading with Pride: Rediscovering the Pinkster Festival: Explore the Pinkster Festival and its cultural importance.

Night, Night Safari: Farewell Fun with Furry Friends: Say goodnight to the animal kingdom in this enchanting bedtime adventure.

ABCs and the NBA and ABCs and the WNBA: Introduce young sports enthusiasts to the excitement of basketball and its alphabet.

SheShe’s Soulful Kitchen: Cooking with Grandma: Celebrate family and culture through the joy of cooking with Grandma.

The Adventure of Renata & Linus: Follow Renata and Linus as they embark on imaginative journeys of exploration and self-discovery.

Garrett’s Wonderful World of Wonders: Promote understanding and kindness by learning about differences through the eyes of Garrett.

Sea Safari: Amara and Bemba's Underwater Encounters:  Dive into the world beneath the waves with Amara and Bemba as they discover marine wonders.

The Three Sisters and the Fair Share: Teaching valuable lessons about equality and equity through a captivating tale of three sisters.

Our Vision:
Adventures In Zen Books envisions a world where every child sees themselves reflected in literature, where they learn the value of acceptance, empathy, and respect for all. We believe that through the pages of our books, young readers can embark on extraordinary journeys of imagination and understanding.

Join us on a literary adventure that embraces diversity, promotes kindness, and sparks the curiosity of young minds. With Adventures In Zen Books, the magic of storytelling knows no bounds.