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The Three Sisters and the Fair Share: Learning About Equality and Equity

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"The Three Sisters and the Fair Share: Learning About Equality and Equity" by Shakeema Funchess is a delightful children's book that explores important concepts of fairness, equality, and equity. The story revolves around three sisters named Athena, Leila, and Maya, who love playing games with each other. However, they start noticing that each sister receives different attention from their mother, which leaves them feeling upset and confused.

Seeking clarity, the sisters gather the courage to approach their mother and express their concerns. Sensing their distress, their mother takes the opportunity to teach them about equality and equity. Through engaging conversations and relatable examples, the sisters learn that equality means treating everyone the same, while equity means ensuring everyone gets what they need to thrive, even if it requires different amounts or methods of support.

As the sisters delve deeper into their newfound knowledge, they realize that the principles of equality and equity extend far beyond their sibling relationship. They begin to understand that fairness should be applied in all aspects of life, such as school, friendships, and community. With their mother's guidance, Athena, Leila, and Maya embark on a journey to promote fairness and ensure that everyone receives their fair share.

"The Three Sisters and the Fair Share" offers an engaging and accessible way for children to comprehend complex ideas of equality and equity. The book serves as an excellent resource for fostering discussions about fairness, empathy, and inclusivity, and it encourages young readers to become advocates for equality in their own lives.

This enchanting tale is a valuable addition to any child's library, particularly for those expecting a sibling, as it provides insights into navigating relationships and promoting fairness among family members. "The Three Sisters and the Fair Share" is sure to captivate young readers while imparting invaluable lessons about the importance of treating others with equality and ensuring everyone's fair share.

ISBN: 978-1-0881-3788-8


  • JUVENILE FICTION / Diversity & Multicultural
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Social Themes / Activism & Social Justice
  • JUVENILE FICTION / Family / Siblings

Lexile Range: 610L-800L (Grade 2-5)
Audience: Juvenile (Child 7-10)
Page count: 44

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Author's Biography

Shakeema Funchess is an inspiring author who is making a difference in the lives of young readers. She is a graduate of Saint Bonaventure University and holds a bachelor's degree in psychology and pre-law. She minored in Arabic and Islamic Studies. Born and raised in bustling cities in New York, Funchess developed a love for writing and storytelling at a young age. After completing her education, Funchess began her career as a writer, focusing on creating stories that would empower and inspire young readers. She drew upon her own experiences as an African American woman to create relatable characters that would help children understand the complexities of the world around them. She is deeply committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in her writing, and her stories often feature characters from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Funchess is known for her dynamic and engaging artistic style, which is both educational and entertaining. Her stories often tackle difficult topics such as racism, discrimination, and prejudice, but always do so with a message of hope and resilience. She is also a dedicated advocate for literacy and education and has worked tirelessly to promote the importance of reading and writing skills among young people. She wants her books to captivate and inspire young readers, and she remains committed to creating stories that promote diversity, kindness, empathy, and understanding.

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