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2024 Leap into Black Cinema Special Edition Wall Calendar

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Introducing our 2024 Black Cinema Calendar, a tribute to the richness and diversity of black culture and history through film and television. Each month, we celebrate a unique theme, highlighting daily influential films, series or documentary that resonate with our collective experiences.

Classic Edition comes with a daily list of movies and highlighted inclusive holidays or celebrations. 

Special Edition comes with daily list of movies and photos for each day.

In January, as we honor Civil Rights, delve into the powerful performances and media reminding us of the struggles and triumphs of the past. 

February, Black History Month, calls for a journey through the groundbreaking work of classics that paved the way for generations to come.

March shines a spotlight on Women's History, inviting you to watch inspiring showcases of resilience and strength of black women.

April is a celebration of Music, with electrifying performances capturing the rhythm and soul of the black musical experience.

May honors Caribbean Heritage, inviting you to explore dynamic portrayals embodying the spirit of the islands.

June commemorates Juneteenth with films that highlight the struggle for freedom and equality.

July, a time for Independence, celebrating media where the resilience and determination of the human spirit is at the forefront.

August celebrates African Heritage, unforgettable performances honoring the richness and diversity of African culture.

September marks Back to School, urging you to be captivated by performances celebrating the brilliance and resilience of black educators and scholars.

October brings chills and thrills, embracing the horror and Halloween spirit.

November celebrates Family Ties, inviting you to connect with the bonds that unite us all.

December brings joy and reflection with heartwarming performances capturing the spirit of Christmas and Kwanzaa.

Embark on a cinematic journey through black culture and history with our 2024 Black Cinema Calendar and discover the stories that continue to inspire and uplift us all year long.

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